Pest Control Market Technological Advancements and Increasing Awareness 2017 to 2021


    Pest control is the process of managing (by using deterrents or repellents) or removing pests from the house or place of business. Pest control services include screening and sealing of openings to avoid entry of pests inside the premises. Such services are provided in home, offices, schools, ware houses, factories, and laboratories, residential and commercial complexes. General pests like cockroach, ants, lizards, spiders, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and rodents are covered under pest control services. Effective pest control requires some knowledge about the pest and its habits.

    There are many methods for controlling the pests, and many of these methods are tailored according to specific pests or problems. Pest control must be approached from a multitude of directions if it is to be truly effective. The most common types of pest control methods include traps, chemical repellents, poisoned baits, etc.

    The global pest control market is set to experience favourable growth driven by factors such as increasing global population, rapid urbanisation, rising middle class population and upsurge in disposable income. Further, the scope of growth for this market will be broadened by rise in global temperature and increasing economic activity. However, growth of this budding market can be hindered by stringent regulations, seasonality and hazardous pesticides.

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    The report “Global Pest Control Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)” analyses the development of this market, with focus on North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the market are discussed in detail in this report. The four major players: Rollins, Inc., Rentokil Initial Plc., ServiceMaster and Ecolab Inc. are being profiled along with their key financials and strategies for growth. The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the global pest control market along with the study of the regional markets.

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    Essential Points Covered in List of Charts are: 

    • Global Pest Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • Global Insect Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • Global Commercial Pest Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • North America Pest Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • Asia Pacific Pest Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • China Pest Control Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • Global Middle Class Population by Region (2009-2030E)
    • Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index (Annual Mean); (2012-2016)
    • Global Pest Control Market Share by Company (2016)