Rett Syndrome Market Rising Spending on Public Health Programs for Females 2017


    Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological disorder. This genetic disorder affects females exclusively due to the presence of X chromosome, and is rarely seen in boys. Male children are less prone to this disorder because boys with mutations in MECP2 hardly survive till birth. Changes in MECP2 typically occur during spermatogenesis, and such changes are usually on the paternal copy of the X-chromosome.

    The symptoms of Rett syndrome generally occur after 12 months of birth and include signs like slow growth, loss of normal movement and coordination, abnormal hands and eyes movements, and breathing problems. Other drastic symptoms also develop with age. This disorder generally occurs in stages and fourth stage is said to be its last stage. Rett syndrome has no cure and is often treated with off-label drugs which prove to give no relief to the affected patient. Few pharmaceuticals companies are realizing the need for target specific drugs and many therapeutics are being developed, which are in their clinical phases.

    The global Rett syndrome market will grow over the years driven by increase in female population, rising spending on public healthcare programs, and increasing global healthcare expenditure. The major trends and developments of the market include efforts to use gene therapy to rectify this neurological disorder, development of new drugs and use of more efficient technologies. However, growth of the market is challenged by factors like high cost of treatment and high R&D expenditure.

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    The report “Global Rett Syndrome Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2025)” analyzes the development of this market, with focus on Sarizotan drug and its market opportunities. The major players are: Newron Pharmaceuticals, Neurem Pharmaceuticals Limited, Anavex Life Sciences Corp., Neuroloxis, and Edison Pharmaceuticals.

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    • Global Sarizotan Drug Market Forecast by Value (2018-2025)
    • Europe’s Rett Syndrome Patient Volume Forecast (2016-2025)
    • Europe’s Sarizotan Drug Treatment by Patient Volume (2018-2025)
    • The US Rett Syndrome Population with Breathing Disorder (2016-2025)
    • The US Sarizotan Drug Treatment by Patient Volume (2018-2025)
    • Total Spending on Medicines in the US (2012-2016)
    • Neuren Pharmaceuticals Operating Revenue and Net Loss (2013-2016)
    • Comparison by Market Cap (2016)
    • Global Rett Syndrome Prevalence Share by Region (2016)