Wound Care Market Increasing Awareness for Wound Care Products 2017 to 2021


    A wound is any disruption of the normal structure and function of the skin and its architecture. It causes pain, prolonged hospital stays, chronic morbidity and can lead to loss of limb or life. Wound management seeks to prevent or treat wounds by ensuring that it is free of dead tissue matter, infection free and moist. The wounds can be classified as acute and chronic.

    Advanced wound care products are used to treat more complex chronic and acute wounds using technology to aid the healing process. This category generally includes film and foam dressings, hydrogels, alginates and hydrocolloids. Treating an acute or chronic wound with the appropriate dressing assists the body’s natural healing processes. Using the right wound care products can speed up this process by encouraging new tissue formation. The advanced wound care products are largely focused on keeping the wound hydrated to encourage healing.

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    The global wound care market is set to experience favourable growth driven by factors such as rising elderly population, increasing life expectancy and rising diabetic population. Further, the scope of growth for this market will be broadened by growing population with ulcer pressures and increasing awareness of advanced wound care products. However, the growth of this budding market will be hindered by high cost of advanced wound care products and complex regulatory approval process.

    The report “Global Wound Care Market with Focus on Advanced Wound Care: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)” analyses the development of this market, with focus on the U.S. and Rest of the World. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the market are discussed in detail in this report. The four major players: Acelity L.P. Inc., Smith & Nephew, Coloplast and ConvaTec are being profiled along with their key financials and strategies for growth. The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the global wound care market along with the study of the regional markets.

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    Essential Points Covered in List of Charts are:

    • Advanced Wound Care Products
    • Global Wound Care Market Forecast by Value (2016-2021)
    • Global Advanced Wound Care Market Forecast by Value (2017-2021)
    • Global Foam Market Forecast by Value (2017-2021)
    • Global Silver/Anti-Microbial Market Forecast by Value (2017-2021)
    • ROW Advanced Wound Care Market Forecast by Value (2017-2021)
    • Coloplast Revenue and Net Profit (2012-2016)
    • Global Advanced Wound Care- Market Share by Company (2016/2020)