M2M, IoT and Wearable Technology Ecosystem Market is Expected to Reach USD 231 Billion by 2020


    The “M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts” report package encompasses two comprehensive reports covering M2M, IoT and wearable technology. 

    Eyeing opportunities to route huge volumes of traffic from these wearable devices, many service providers are now seeking to fit wearable technology with their M2M offerings, targeting both consumer and vertical markets. The Research expects that M2M and wearable devices can help IoT service providers pocket as much as $231 Billion in service revenue by the end of 2020, following a CAGR of 40% between 2015 and 2020.

    This study answers several questions for stakeholders, primarily which market segments they should focus upon during the next five years to prioritize their efforts and investments.

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    These stakeholders include more than 100 companies both manufacturing and providing services in the M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem such as,

    270 Vision, 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), 3L Labs, 4DForce, 4iii Innovations, 9Solutions, ABB Group, Abbot Laboratories, Accenture, Aclara Technologies, AcousticSheep, Actility, Active Mind Technology, Adidas, ADT Corporation, Aeris Communications, AgaMatrix, AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation), Airbiquity, Airbus Group, AirType, Alcatel-Lucent, Allegion, AllSeen Alliance, Altair Semiconductor, Amazon, Amazon.com, Ambit Networks, AMCi Wireless and other major players in the market.

    The report comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the report.

    The report package covers the following topics:
    – M2M, IoT and wearable technology ecosystem
    – Market drivers and challenges
    – Enabling technologies and key trends
    – Network architecture and mobile operator business models
    – Applications, opportunities and deployment case studies for a range of vertical markets including automotive & transportation, asset management & logistics, consumer, energy & utilities, healthcare, home automation, intelligent buildings & infrastructure, military, professional sports, public safety & security, retail and hospitality
    – Regulatory landscape, collaborative initiatives and standardization
    – Industry roadmap and value chain assessment
    – Profiles and strategies of over 600 leading ecosystem players including enabling technology providers, wearable/M2M device OEMs, mobile operators, MVNOs, aggregators, IoT platform providers, system integrators and vertical market specialists
    – Strategic recommendations for ecosystem players
    – Market analysis and forecasts from 2015 till 2030

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    The report package provides answers to the following key questions:
    – How big is the M2M, IoT and wearable technology ecosystem?
    – What trends, challenges and barriers are influencing its growth?
    – How is the ecosystem evolving by segment and region?
    – What will the market size be in 2020 and at what rate will it grow?
    – Which regions, countries and verticals will see the highest percentage of growth?
    – Who are the key market players and what are their strategies?
    – How will M2M and wearable devices drive investments in cloud based IoT platforms, Big Data, analytics, network security and other technologies?
    – What are the growth prospects of cellular, satellite, LPWA, wireline and short range networking technologies?
    – What are the key applications of M2M, IoT and wearable technology across industry verticals?
    – How can mobile operators capitalize on the growing popularity of smart glasses and other wearable devices?
    – What strategies should enabling technology providers, wearable/M2M device OEMs, mobile operators, MVNOs, aggregators, IoT platform providers and other ecosystem players adopt to remain competitive?

    Global M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem Sales (K Units) by Application (2016-2030)

    Market Segment

     by Regions

    201620172030Market Share (%)CGAR (%)


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    Eastern Europexxxxxxxx%xx%
    Latin & Central Americaxxxxxxxx%xx%
    Middle East & Africaxxxxxxxx%xx%
    North Americaxxxxxxxx%xx%
    Western Europexxxxxxxx%xx%